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On Brian as a leader and presenter

Thank you! Very good presentation. Amazing feeling and power in delivery, allowing for a true connection. – Municipal Paramedic

So many things in your presentation were very real in my life as well and I really appreciate hearing your story. I’m so happy and appreciate that you are able to talk so openly about it. Thank you.  – Nurse, Community Care Access Centre Chatham-Kent

Thank you! Very real info and very relevant to the type of work we do.  – Mental Health and Addictions Counselor, Community Care Access Centre Chatham-Kent

Mental health is a difficult topic to navigate and being open and honest in front of a group of strangers is not an easy task. Much respect! – Municipal Paramedic

I most appreciated the relaxed, candid manner in which Brian spoke and addressed the topic. It was very informative and helpful. Thanks Brian! – Municipal Police Officer

The honesty of the presenter was instrumental in providing a highly informative session. The presenter has a wonderful ability to reach diverse audiences and makes great use of humour.

The strength of the presenter’s connection with the material made the session.

Thank you so much for sharing your story.  It further validates that we are all human and being in a helping role doesn't make us immune to experiencing trauma. - Amanda L.


Brian, I want to thank you so much for sharing. My husband is an officer who worked in Major Collision for 5 years. He has since moved on due to the mental impact those experiences had on him. It was comforting to know that other families have been through the experiences that affect the lives of officers families - Tina Q.


The telling of a story is so powerful - and yours is no exception.  Thank you for your vulnerability in sharing your experience AND for then layering it with specific comprehensive strategies and lessons learned so that we can all grow and learn from your experiences! - Jodi M.

Hey Brian. I just wanted to touch base and say thank you for offering and leading the Capital L program, as I said yesterday you are and excellent moderator and I enjoyed the fact that each call was guided and not forced, I appreciate how candid you were about personal experiences and that you asked the right questions of the group to encourage discussion.. This group definitely came at a great time in my life and I will always be indebted to you!! – Armando L. Tuesday Night CAPITAL L Mastermind

On Brian's full-day Capital-L seminar

I really enjoyed the course and have recommended it to other staff here at the library. I actually enjoyed the online version more than I probably would have an in-person session considering the topic. Brian was very knowledgeable, an excellent speaker, and obviously a great advocate for mental health.

I found the content and material to be excellent... As an OPP spouse these topics were very personal to me and my family. I am truly grateful to you for your sharing your story and experiences... Your openness and honesty are truly refreshing and I am so thankful to have been a part of the day. I can see some similarities from your past experiences to my family's current situation. Based on where you are now, I am hopeful.

I loved the content; Brian is an excellent trainer with a wealth of knowledge from personal experience. The format is what it is, limited due to online format.


This training is perfect for the times we are currently facing


I think this should be mandatory training for all managers. I'm not a manager myself but I manage caseloads and many of the principles applied to me. Anything that encourages self-reflection is good for anybody!


The impact of your personal experience related to the training was extremely valuable


Thank you for the perspectives offered and shared with the group. I think this is a very important and timely conversation. I have already found myself going back and opening my workbook as little reminders of the day. Your words around failure and mental health were very touching. Not using the word failure as it denotes you didn't learn anything is a wonderful vantage point. And that mental health issues don't need to be end of anything including relationships and jobs. Again, thank you for your time, your thoughtfulness, your ability to share your strength with others.


I think you have found your calling! Well done :)

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