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Career Suicide

A one-of-a-kind guidebook to the inescapable blend of mental health and leadership that is present in all facets of modern life. Author Brian Knowler, a PTSD survivor, recounts lessons learned through his career as a police leader and from hundreds of conversions with others in the first responder, medical, business, and non-profit worlds.

Book Trailer



Brian is relaunching his book Career Suicide is Overrated - Equipping Leaders With Mental Health Strategies For Their Teams and Themselves.


But this just isn't a book launch! This is a chance for Brian to serve, to teach, and to mobilize; to give back to those who have supported and inspired him since the first version of the book was written in 2018.


To say thank you, anyone who joins the VIP Launch Team will get access to a private FB group, VIP access to the online launch event, giveaways, an opportunity to win prizes, and more.


And the cost of admission is as low as $10! Here's how to ensure your access:


1 - Pre-order any copy of Career Suicide is Overrated at links above

2 - Send proof of your pre-order to (scan, screenshot, etc.)

3 - Be willing to review the book on Amazon upon release.

4 - When verified, you will be added to the FB group! It's that easy.


Looking forward to taking this trip together with you!


"Insightful. Packed with hand-won wisdom. Brian lays his soul bare in his quest to make us all better Leaders. This book will change lives!"
LTCOL (Ret'd) Kyle Tyrrell, MBA, PSC(j)
Australian Army Combat Veteran, PTS Survivor, Leadership Consultant
CEO Vanguard Global Security and Risk Management

"[This book] will help me support my staff when critical incidents happen, as well as with the day-to-day issues managers and staff face together. It reminded me to remember to take care of myself, because I matter as well as my staff."
Gail Slack, RN, BScN, MSN
Unit Manager, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance

"Brian Knowler's new book is a terrific look into the difference between "Managers and Leaders"... from a perspective of understanding of PTS and what true leaders might consider..."
Lt Col (Ret'd) Chris Linford, CD, BScN
Wounded Warriors Canada National Ambassador
Author of Warrior Rising
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