About Brian

Brian Knowler BA, LLB

CEO and Lead Trainer

Author, Speaker, Coach, Police Officer, Lawyer

Brian is a veteran police officer, retired lawyer, speaker, and author involved in the justice system since 1994. In 2004 he was the lead investigator in a motor vehicle crash involving the death of a close friend, causing his life to spiral until he was finally diagnosed with, and began therapy for, PTSD in 2012.

Brian has published two books about his experiences with trauma and leadership: ‘On the Other Side of Broken – One Cop’s Battle With the Demons of PTSD’, 2016, and ‘Career Suicide is Overrated’, 2018.

Brian is a professional speaker, offering training on various aspects of mental health and leadership for public safety agencies, corporations, government agencies, and educational institutes. He has also been consulted by for media outlets on issues surrounding trauma, leadership, and public safety across North America.

Brian is a certified leadership coach and a member of the International Institute for Mental Health Leadership. Brian’s CAPITAL L Leadership training program received the 2019 Corporate Livewire Award for Excellence in Mental Health Support. 

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