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Capital-L Mastermind

Ten Weeks of Group Leadership Training that Makes the Mental Health of your Team Paramount

A Mastermind program that will arm leaders with tools to effectively navigate the muddy waters of mental health

Capital-L Mastermind is for leaders who want to:
- Lead themselves and their teams through mental health crises
- Improve morale, attendance, productivity, and wellness
- Increase their own resilience and that of their teams
- Leave a leadership legacy

Click above to book your one-hour Mastermind Member-only Leadership coaching session.


10-week program includes:

 - Ten 2-hr facilitated group sessions on the CAPITAL L principles

- Ten weekly extras

- 3 weekly guided meditations

- 3 one-on-one leadership coaching sessions with Brian Knowler

- Supporting materials and resources

 - Networking and growth possibilities are endless

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