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Stress, Mental Health and Workplace Safety

Splash article written by Brian to promote a webinar he did on recognizing, mitigating, and coping with workplace stress as a strong communicator and Leader.

Brian's Second Book Released!

Coverage of the release of Brian's new book 'Career Suicide is Overrated"

Tattoos for Mental Health

Bri was asked by Men's Health to talk about one of his tattoos and how it applies to his struggle with mental health issues.

'On the Other Side' Reviewed by Major Law Enforcement Magazine!

Bri's first book was reviewed by Blue Line, the largest law enforcement-based magazine in Canada. And it was a positive review to boot!

Brian is a Dadly Dad!

Brian was featured in a coffee table book called 'Dadly Dads of the 21st Century." He was Darth Vader dad!

New Wings of Change Peer Support Chapter Started in Chatham

Brian spearheaded the effort to start a chapter of the Wings of Change First Responder Peer Support group in Chatham. Their first meeting was held the same day as a large OSI awareness symposium in Chatham.

Petrolia Book Talk

Brian did a reading of On the Other Side... at the beautiful and historic Petrolia Library, then both Brian and Cathy took part in a Q&A session afterwards. This article includes discussion from an interview they did with the Postmedia Network group before the book talk.

First International Coverage!

A short piece written by Police Down Under, an organization dedicated to police advocacy and brotherhood from Australia.

Testimonial and Blog Piece Written for 'Buried Above Ground' PTSD Documentary

Brian was introduced to the production team of an amazing documentary called 'Buried Above Ground.' The director offered Brian the chance to see an advance screening and to provide feedback and opinion on the film. In one word - 'incredible.' In two words - 'must see.'

Cityline - Brian and Cathy featured - 19 Oct 16

Brian and Cathy were asked to appear on a Cityline segment dedicated to PTS and its impact on marriage and the family. First national TV exposure!

CTV Windsor - Brian interviewed about PTS journey and new book - September 21 2016

CTV cameras went with Bri to the spot where his friend's death changed his life, in advance of the official kickoff for 'On the Other Side of Broken'

Blackburn News - Coverage of Official Launch of 'On the Other Side of Broken' - September 22 2016

Short piece about the 22 September official book launch in Chatham.

AM800 Windsor - Interview on Book Release - September 12 2016

Brian was interviewed live on the AM800 Windsor Afternoon News about the upcoming release of 'On the Other Side of Broken'

Brian's Entry in 'Dads in the Limelight' on

Brian was asked to participate the in the weekly 'Dads in the Limelight' feature on an amazing parenting website called . Bri was the August 11, 2016 dad. Quite an honour for someone who pushed his 'dadhood' away for so long!

CBC Windsor - Caesar's Presentation for Windsor-Essex EMS

Cathy and Brian were interviewed by CBC in conjunction with a presentation for first responders and their loved ones.

Legislature of Ontario - Brian's Story as Told by MPP Rick Nicholls - Febuary 23 2016

Public Safety Critic MPP Rick Nicholls reached out to Brian to get his personal experiences with PTS and in getting his WSIB claim recognized.

Caledon Enterprise - Brian consulted as expert on suicide and PTS in first responder world - Febuary 8 2016

Brian was contacted by newspaper in detachment area he worked in to provide his opinion on the growing phenomenon of suicide in the first responder environment, especially linked to PTS.

Toronto Star - First national media consultation for Brian - Febuary 5 2016

The reporter in this article, Wendy Gillis, reached out to Brian as a knowledgeable and passionate advocate for better treatment of PTS in the law enforcement field.

Canadian Safety Reporter

Brian was asked to provide expert and lived experience opinion on PTS in the law enforcement profession.

Canadian HR Reporter

Brian was asked to provide expert and lived experience opinion on PTS in the law enforcement profession.

Caledon Enterprise - Brian's Legacy in Caledon

An article written about Brian's time at Caledon detachment and the lasting impression he left on the officers there.

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