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About Cathy


Cathy Knowler BA, B. Ed, M. Ed

CEO and Co-Owner, Trainer, Mental Health Specialist, Public Health Educator

Mental Health First Aid

Canadian Mental Health Association
Trauma Informed Care
Alberta Health Services

Cathy Knowler is a dedicated mental health promotion specialist with a background in education. Formerly a teacher and Principal, Cathy transitioned from her educational career when her family relocated for her husband's job. Since then, she has channeled her passion for mental health into her current role, where she advocates for and promotes mental wellness.


As a mother of two grown sons, aged 20 and 22, Cathy has balanced her professional pursuits with a deep commitment to her family. Her husband, a police officer living with PTSD, has authored books on the subject. Together, Cathy and her husband engage in public speaking to raise awareness about the profound impact of PTSD on families. Through her resilience and dedication, Cathy has not only supported her husband through his mental health challenges but also kept their family strong and united.


In her personal time, Cathy enjoys decorating her home and immersing herself in good books, finding joy and solace in these activities. Her journey and experiences make her a compassionate and insightful advocate for mental health, with a unique perspective on the challenges faced by families dealing with PTSD.

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