Videos and Podcasts

The Mental Health Warriors Podcast

Bri was one of the first podcast 'guests' on the Mental Health Warriors podcast / FB site, which he helped co-found with podcast host Jason Mackenzie.

The Leading Life podcast with Bren Dube

After meeting him at TEDx 2016, Bri was asked to be a guest on fellow Chathamite Bren Dube's 'Leading Life' podcast, discussing PTS, recovery, and post-traumatic growth.

The Veteran Resource Podcast

Bri was a guest on Jeremy Paris' excellent podcast series 'The Veteran's Resource', discussing PTS in the first responder world and telling his story.

PTSD...on a Food and Nutrition Webcast?

Brian and Cathy met Sarah Roberts through their mutual support of the HELP program at Tranquil Acres farm near Ottawa. In this video, Sarah talks to Brian and Cathy about their story, how they healed, and the importance that self-care, nutrition, and wellness played in their journey together.

TEDx Talk in Chatham-Kent

Brian was asked to be one of the speakers at the 2016 Chatham-Kent TEDx event. He spoke on PTS in the emergency responder field in general, by taking the audience through a visualization of the night he started down the road of PTS.

Brian's Story in the Ontario Legislature, as told by MPP Rick Nicholls

Opposition Public Safety Critic MPP Rick Nicholls recounted Brian's PTS journey in the Legislature during debate on Bill 168, the Presumptive WSIB legislation.

Presentation to Chatham Rotary on PTSD - May 2015

First crack at public speaking on my PTS story and PTS in society

The Video That Started It All

A simple, wordless black and white video that started Brian and Cathy down their path to helping others.

Canadian HR Reporter / Sun Life HR Roundtable on Workplace Stress Part 1

Brian was asked to sit on a nationally-seen panel as an expert on PTS and other OSIs in the workplace

Canadian HR Reporter / Sun Life HR Roundtable on Workplace Stress Part 2

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